Internal Investigations

Allegations of misconduct that threaten a private or public entity’s reputation or rise to the level of government intervention often need outside counsel to conduct private, internal investigations.

Whether these allegations of wrongdoing arise from a government investigation, a whistleblower, or a civil lawsuit, it is incumbent upon the entity to identify the legal and business risks involved and respond in a responsible and effective manner.  The Law Firm of Lawanda Hodges, LLC can conduct internal investigations to assess potential exposure for the client both proactively and in reaction to a government investigation.  As a boutique firm, we are able to investigate allegations quickly, discreetly, and with minimum disruption and potential collateral consequences to our clients.  Having led and managed covert investigations for the government, Attorney Hodges has a unique ability to foresee and expertly address such matters, significantly limiting the client’s exposure to lawsuits and potentially deterring full-scale regulatory involvement.